Home for our garden...

The City of Clarence-Rockland has dedicated a space of approximately 2, 000 square meters in the South/West corner of Alain-Potvin Park.

This location is ideal as it is:

  • Accessible by the community

  • Peaceful and overlooking the water basin

  • Large enough to accommodate current needs and growth


Our Vision

Our vision is to have a welcoming, peaceful and prosperous natural space for community members to grow food, share knowledge, work collaboratively, and strengthen community connection.


Guiding Principles

  • an inclusive and accessible environment

  • respect and safety for all

  • sustainability through water conservation and in-ground growing practices

  • organic growing and seed saving


The air is warm, the earth still damp and cool. You head to your very own plot of earth to sow, transplant, prune,  and water. You're a garden member so you can be the early bird and get those worms or come for a sunset toil. You see familiar faces and start sharing stories about gardening experiences: successes, mishaps, favorites, and desires. You participate in workshops to learn new skills, or maybe you lead one! You're feeling healthy and strong as you help turn the compost and clean the walkways of debris so your fellow member can pass through in their wheelchair or with their walker. You feel motivated and joyful, so you organize a picnic in the garden on a warm summer afternoon. You work hard and feel rewarded by connection and access to healthy food. The season is winding down and there's so much produce to harvest, so many beautiful bouquets to pick. The Executive Committee organized a harvest party and you offer to help bring the collective garden's surplus bounty to a community organization or member in need. It was a good season. It's a good thing to be a part of, this community garden. 

Membership Gardens

Individuals, groups and families can apply for a seasonal membership to reserve space in the Membership Garden. 

We will offer two options:

  • In-ground garden beds

  • Accessible raised beds

Vegetable Picking_edited.jpg

Collective Gardens

Growing spaces dedicated to providing fresh food, learning opportunities for children, and wild flower benefits to our pollinators.

Proposed sections:

  • The Donation Program

  • The Children’s Garden

  • Pollinators Garden

Beekeeper with Bees

Collective Projects

Learning and experimenting spaces that are not gardening related.


  • Apiary (bees!)

  • Educational workshops