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Cut Flower Program

Established in Spring 2024

A cut flower garden to bring color, beautification and pollinators to our garden space. The flowers will be harvested and transformed into artistic bouquets to sell at local markets for fundraising purposes and donated to our participating volunteers.

A collaboration with Blooms Next Door.


coming spring

raised through fresh cut flowers bouquet sales.

Our Goals

  • Sell cut flower bouquets for fundraising 

  • Create learning opportunities for the community

  • Help the biodiversity of the garden by attracting pollinators

  • Creating an attractive landscape

  • Establish unique collaborations with businesses, organizations, and schools

  • Offer the community the ability to participate and enjoy the benefits of the garden

How it works

All planning, maintenance, and harvesting are carried out by garden members or community volunteers with the guidance of a program coordinator. The Volunteers harvest and sell bouquets of flowers, and earn bouquets for themselves.

Who we support in 2024

Profits earned from our sales will be invested in our other garden programs and communal spaces.

  • Members of the community garden

  • Our garden programs

How you can support

  • Participate as a volunteer and complete gardening and administrative tasks.

  • Donate funds & resources to sponsor the program.

  • Grow seedlings (March to June)

  • Provide an indoor space for our volunteers to grow seedlings (March to May)

  • Purchase bouquets to help us raise funds

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