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Soil Building Program

Established in Spring 2024

The Soil Building Program aims to increase the health and biodiversity of the community garden's soil and build member and volunteer knowledge about composting and soil management. 

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In partnership with
The Box of Life

Our Impact

coming spring

Black Soil
of food and garden waste diverted from landfills.
of compost produced by our vermicomposting farms.

Our Goals

  • Increase the soil health and biodiversity of the soil at the Rockland Community Garden.

  • Provide learning opportunities for the community (local schools) to learn about soil and biodiversity through onsite workshops. 

  • Produce healthy worm castings that can be sold to fundraise for the donation program of the Rockland Community Garden.

  • Divert food waste from the local landfills

  • Establish unique collaborations with businesses, organizations and schools

  • Offer the community the ability to contribute to our goals

How it works

All planning, maintenance, and harvesting are carried out by garden members or community volunteers with the guidance of a program coordinator.

A partnership was established with Box of Life to create functional worm farms for the garden. Garden waste and food scraps from local kitchens (bakery, restaurants, nursing home, etc.) will be added to the worm farm. The worms are fed weekly and form worm castings which will be harvested monthly between May and October. During dormant months (November to April) we organize healthy soil workshops by The Box of Life for the community.

Who we support in 2024

  • Members of the community garden

  • Our garden programs

  • Local businesses and organizations

How you can support
  • Participate as a volunteer and complete maintenance and administrative tasks.

  • Donate funds & resources to sponsor the program.

  • Become a partner and provide food waste to feed the worms.

  • Donate food cycler bi-product (local residents of Clarence-Rockland)


Help us build better soil for the donation beds! If you don’t know what to do with your food cycler bi-product, donate it to the community garden’s Soil Building Program.

Drop off hours are every Tuesday evening 5:30-7:30 from July 2 to October 29 2024

If you have questions, require help with drop off or would like to schedule a drop off, please contact us.

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