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Donation Program

Established in 2023

The donation program focuses on managing dedicated gardens to donate produce to the local foodbanks and other community members in need.



as of

size coolers
of fresh produce and herbs donated to our local foodbank

Our Goals

  • Contribute to food security and sustainability

  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities to the community

  • Offer volunteering opportunities for students, residents and members

  • Establish unique collaborations with businesses, organizations and schools

  • Offer the community the ability to participate and enjoy the benefits of the garden

How it works

All planning, maintenance, and harvesting are carried out by garden members or community volunteers with the guidance of a program coordinator.

Each week, the volunteers assess the harvest available for the various recipients and do outreach to members of the community garden and residents to seek additional produce that could be added to the donation harvest.  The produce is harvested, weighed for tracking purposes and placed in a cooler until donation day(s). The produce is then delivered or picked up by the foodbank(s).

Who we support in 2024

As we grow our program over the years, we will continue to add food donation recipients to our list. This program is highly dependant on our community's support and dedicated volunteers.

  • Rockland foodbank

  • Bourget foodbank

  • Dedicated participating volunteers

How you can support

  • Participate as a volunteer and complete gardening and administrative tasks.

  • Donate funds & resources to sponsor the program.

  • Grow seedlings (March to June)

  • Provide an indoor space for our volunteers to grow seedlings (March to May)

  • Participate as a group and tend to a section of the donation garden throughout the season which includes planting, watering, harvesting, weeding, etc. (May to October)

  • Provide a cool indoor space to hang and dry garlic (July/August to September)

  • Contribute your garden/farm harvest surplus to our donations


In addition to the produce grown at the community garden, we are happy to include produce from local residents and farms to our foodbank donations. 

Drop off hours are every Tuesday evening 5:30-7:30 from July 2 to October 29 2024

Donations to the foodbank are Wednesday mornings to ensure the freshest delivery possible.

If you have questions, require help with drop off, or would like to schedule a drop off, please contact us.

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