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Seedlings Program

Starting February 2024

A space dedicated to children and a program that promotes learning and hands-on experience with gardening and sustainability.

In partnership with
Wild Fauna Nature Play


coming spring

learning about gardening & sustainability!

Our Goals

  • Create learning opportunities for our youth

  • Promote healthy eating & living for future generations

  • Fundraising for donation program and the community garden

  • Establish unique collaborations with businesses, organizations, and schools

  • Offer the community the ability to participate and enjoy the benefits of the garden

How it works

The program is facilitated by Wild Fauna Nature Play and focuses on teaching children the process of garden to table. The children will learn and apply the skills required to grow, tend to and harvest organic produce, make nutritious recipes, as well as how to prepare and sell produce.  All planning, maintenance, and harvesting are carried out by the children registered, garden members, community volunteers with the guidance of a program coordinator. They will work in a space dedicated for children and the donation garden.

*This program requires registration through Wild Fauna Nature Play and has a registration fee. *Sponsorship may be available to help cover the fee.

Who we support in 2024

Profits earned from our sales will be invested in our other garden programs and communal spaces.

  • Children 4 to 12 years old

  • Donation program

How you can support

  • Participate as a volunteer and complete gardening and administrative tasks.

  • Donate funds & resources to sponsor the program.

  • Sponsor admission fees for children to participate for free

  • Provide an indoor space for our participants to grow seedlings (March to May)

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