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"A garden built for the community by the community." 
Every little bit helps - make a nominal donation today or contact us
to become a sponsor or partner!
How can you help?

As a volunteer managed, non-for-profit organization, the Community Garden relies primarily on fundraising and the support of sponsors. Contributing to our efforts means that we can continue to develop our space free of barriers, and offer programming and memberships at affordable rates or for free. 

We are fortunate to have received support from our community since the beginning of our project, but we still have many sponsorship & partnership opportunities.

Funding can be used to:

  • purchase supplies, resources & tools

  • purchase garden signage

  • hire contractors to design & build spaces & structures

  • sponsor membership and program registration fees

  • hire experts to host workshops & seminars

  • fund our Access for All project to focus on making our garden more accessible to everyone

Required Resources & Services

  • gardening supplies: garden soil, mulch, seeds, seedlings, growing trays/pots, grow lights, trellises, stakes, etc.

  • irrigation supplies: heavy duty hoses, nozzles, hose reel, rain barrels, solar pumps, drip lines, etc.

  • building supplies: lumber, gravel, stone dust, path edging stones, stepping stones, landscaping fabric, screws/nails, hand tools, etc.

  • structures: benches, picnic tables, pergola/gazebo, arches, etc.

  • services: carpentry, landscaping, workshops 

If you’d like to help us achieve our goals, get in touch today!

Sponsorship Package - 2024.png

Sponsorship Recognition

Provided park land, administrative and operational support, and $20,000 in funding for start-up and accessibility costs. 

Sponsored excavation of the main garden area and entrance path in 2023, including provision of gravel and stone dust to create the base for accessibility.

Contributed over 100 yards of soil and 5 yards of mulch, and many transplants which supported our donation, cut flower, and membership gardens in 2023.

Sponsored the purchase of our primary cedar shed in 2023 so all  garden tools and supplies could be safely stored and accessed. 

Genx Construction Inc.

Sponsored the materials to build the cedar fence in 2023.

Execon Logo.png

Execon Construction

2024 Growing Green: Gardening & Sustainability Fair sponsor. 

Our Sponsors

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