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Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are the backbone of the community garden's success. They support the planning, development and management of operations, projects, programs, and events.

Note: registered members do not need to fill out the volunteer form. All members are expected, as part of the membership contract, to complete  volunteer hours.

How does it work?

Who can volunteer?
  • Everyone!

  • Students 

  • Community groups and businesses 

How to join?
  • Review the volunteer positions on this page

  • Complete the sign up form

  • We will contact you when we have opportunities that align with your interests

  • We will have an onboarding meeting to ensure you have all the information required to be successful

  • We will provide guidance and support throughout your volunteering journey

What are the benefits?
  • Volunteering with the community garden is a great opportunity to enhance and develop personal skills, socialize and meet new people, give back to your community, and complete student volunteer hours.

  • It provides a great opportunity to enhance your resume for school and job applications. A reference letter can be provided.

Operational Roles

Operational roles fulfill the ongoing operational management responsibilities and maintenance tasks that ensure the success of the community garden.

Executive Committee Roles

The executive committee is responsible for overseeing and directing the garden's operations.


  •  responsible for overseeing the successful planning, maintenance, and operations of the garden.



  • responsible for managing the day-to-day administrative operations of the garden.



  • responsible for the fiscal management of the garden's operations.


Community Building Director

  • responsible for increasing community awareness of the garden and planning ways to build engagement and involvement.


Ground & Resources Coordinator

  • responsible for ensuring the garden has the resources it needs to run smoothly and is a safe and accessible space for members, volunteers, and visitors.


Member’s Liaison Coordinator

  •  act as a bridge between the members and the executive committee. They represent the members by communicating their needs, ideas, or concerns to the committee for consideration and action.

Support Roles

A support volunteer assists an executive committee member with a certain aspect of their role. 


  • Manage volunteers, help with documentation and trackers, help with communications, etc.


Fundraising & Grant Writing

  • Find Ways to raise funds, research and apply for grants, find donors and sponsors, etc.


Event Planning

  • Plan, organize and execute fundraising or social events, and/or workshops or other educational events for garden members and/or the community


Maintenance & Gardening

  • Grass cutting, watering, weeding, harvesting, cleaning shed, picking up garbage and debris, etc.

Garden Program Roles

These roles support the operations of our garden programs.

Program Coordinator

  • Includes but not limited to: planning program seasonal activities, preparing operational budgets, organizing fundraising and applying for grants related to the program, managing volunteers, recruiting volunteers, executing tasks and/or delegate to volunteers, coordinating with partners & sponsors of the program, schedule work days, reporting to the executive committee, etc.

  • Expected to complete a minimum of 2 hours per week

  • Expected to be available for the majority of January to October


Seasonal Volunteers

  • Will be assigned tasks and responsibilities by coordinator

  • Scheduled to complete a minimum of 1-2 hours per week

  • Expected to be available for the majority of January to October 

  • May benefit from a collective harvest depending on the program chosen


Casual Volunteers

  • No minimum requirement needed

  • Called upon as needed to cover vacation and support during busy times 

  • May benefit from a collective harvest depending on the program chosen

  • Good for those with unpredictable schedules or limited availability



  • We encourage groups to join and work collectively to support a garden program

  • Expectations, responsibilities, tasks and time commitments would be shared on a case by case basis by the Coordinator

Project Development Roles

These roles support the further development of various projects and programs established at the community garden.

Project Coordinator

  • Leading the development and planning of a specific project or program

  • Time commitment and responsibilities will be defined as needed for the project 

  • Document templates and guides will be provided to support the coordinator

  • Once a program is established, a coordinator position must be established to run it

  • Once a project is completed, it will become part of the operational responsibilities as detailed in its guide


Support Volunteers

  • Time commitment and responsibilities will be defined as needed

  • To assist the coordinator in the development of a project/program.

  • Will be assigned various tasks and responsibilities


Building Support

  • To help with various tasks during a building event

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